Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thirteens, and Valentines, and Blizzards, oh my!

Greetings, good evening, generally hello for whenever it is that you're reading this blog of mine. This is my first go so be kind to me, because I may not be to you and at least one of us should try to be compassionate shouldn't we? Sorry, I'm used to talking to mortals that way.

Now in case you can't tell by the name and generally dark theme here, I'm a generally dark and creepy thinking guy so if spooky things and general Halloween fun aren't your thing....well I've already locked the doors and the windows are boarded so it doesn't much matter does it?

Well perhaps you now have the general idea of how my mind works; if so please share, I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyways, thank you for sticking around thus far and now we can get on with our regularly scheduled programming. So first and foremost, Happy (just past) Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day/Saturday everyone, I hope it treats you well in any case. Now second to that and almost as important to me, the day before was another wonderful Friday the 13th so this pairing couldn't have worked out any better in my mind. What better way to make today feel all the more lovey than to have just tormented a skittish neighbor with black cats the day before? Regardless of some peoples personal celebrations, I would like to share mine if you would hear it, then I'll go about posting darker more fun-for-everyone stuff.

This Valentines Day was considerably special for me as I got to spend it with my very special, equally creepy, and generally amazing girlfriend Lexi.

This was our first one together and as a couple, last year we shared it as well but finally broke down four days later and started going steady. You've no doubt noticed the picture by now so that should give you some insight as to our interests and we get to really share them now that we're frozen together "The Shining" style in a wonderful blizzard. But this was just a little introductory post so I won't keep you much longer, you'll be seeing more of us and much more of my own stories and creations very soon. So stay creepy my fiends and I'll see you soon...

If you'd like a lighter version of me in both style and skin tone (I mean look at the picture) then feel free to follow Lexi's blog at The Girl Who Says Quack